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How ViralRotator Works
Q:Why Join ViralRotator?
A:If you have websites or programs to promote, and then you should join Viralrotator;
You are not just getting unlimited customers to visit your websites, and your advertising fees will
be returned by 150% after few months!

Q:How to Join ViralRotator?
A:You can just by 1 sharing unit for only $10 USD, ant then you own an account at ViralRotator;
at that tiem, you may login to our dashboard to setup your websites, and start getting traffic from ViralRotator!

Q:How Can I Get My Investment(Advertising Fee) Returned by 150% ?
A:We share 60% of whole revenues with all ViralRotator members;
you will get a part of revenues from each new sale according to sharing units you owned.

Q:Where Will ViralRotator Promote My Websites?
A:Your websites will be promoted on our landing page, in rotation.
Check our landing page at:

Q:Do You have Affiliate Program?
A:Yes, but you must join ViralRotator first for becoming our affiliate.
As a member of ViralRotator, you are not just getting shares of our revenues, You will earn
an extra 20% commissions for each direct sale from your referral link!

Q:I have further questions, Who can I contact to?
A:You can contact us at: admin[at]

Ready to Get Unlimited Web Traffic and Earn 150% of Your Advertising Fees Back?
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Click on any sharing packags below you wish to order:
Sharing PackagePay with PayPal/ Credit Card
1 Sharing Unit ($10.00)
* You will get $15 Returned *
3 Sharing Units($30.00)
* You will get $45 Returned *
5 Sharing Units ($50.00)
* You will get $75 Returned *
*Click on Continue link after payment made.

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